Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scrap day!

I am going to make a weekly post filled with scraps that didn't make it into the Daily Texan. Sometimes they will be Circumlocution related, but sometimes they won't. I am too lazy to put them on the facebook page but I would prefer to just post them once.

I was honestly hoping this club had something to do with Teddy Roosevelt. I am really unsure as to why.

This one will probably be revised and put in the Texan one of these days. As someone who is not from Houston, it is definately something I can relate to.

Why do I always draw blond guys with huge chins? Maybe he should be a recurring character, Big Huge Blond Chin Guy.

Study Breaks bothers me. It seems like the booze and babes magazine. It pretty much tells us "Hey, you're a college student. Drinking and getting laid is all you should care about. Oh, and football sometimes." My life is about totally different things, so it really doesn't jive with me.

Man, I hope Study Breaks doesn't have a mob that will beat me up.

These two are so awesome. I can't imagine them fighting anyone but if they did it would be some crazy shit. I can't even imagine it.

And that's all I have for now.


Arielle said...

Yaaaay! Carolynn's Blog! I'ma toooootally link to you from my blog. Oh yeah, when I told you about my story, Becoming, I don't know if I warned you that it's really crappy. :( I'm rewriting it though! It can only get better, right? :D

Neil Sinhababu said...

I remember Study Breaks. I think you've got it nailed.