Saturday, January 31, 2009

New comics

This semester, I have been promoted to Editor of the Comics Page. lol @ unnecessary capitalization. It's a cool gig, and I am going to do my best to return the Daily Texan's comics page back to the standard of excellence it had in the 90s. OK, maybe excellence might be a bit of hyperbole, but it was definately a ton better than it is now.

Here are some comics I drew so far this semester. One is posted in a previous blog marked "Relationships" so I won't repost it.And here are the advertisements I made to try and get more comics artists.
And I think I'm temporarily done uploading! Eff yes!


I decided to group these two published comics together, because I rail against guys a bit in one, and against girls in the other. Too tired to comment, commencing in posting this stuff. One was published towards the end of last semester, the other was published last Tuesday, respectively.

comics dump 2


I love talking to myself in a false-vain way.

There are in some order. Not any order that accurately reflects these comics' publication, but some sort of order nonetheless.

Comics dump

No dates, nothing other than a huge mess of comics I've done over the course of last semester that I forgot to dumb.

Check out the deviantart or the facebook group, which might be more convenient. Whatever. This blog is so much less shameful to link than a dA page.