Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Pun Comic

I didn't feel like coloring this day and I was really busy, so this is all you guys get. :) This idea was suggested to me by my awesome boyfriend Chris but I screwed it up. Whatever. BAD PUN.

Got a moment for the environment?

I hate these guys so much. Also, this one was really small in the DT version. Maybe it's the way I saved it...? Hope not. :(

Classroom Distractions V. 2: Inappropriate thoughts

The process behind this one is as follows:

Me: Hey, Terra, what are three objects that are sexual but utterly terrifying?

Terra: Hmm. Well, there's some kinds of porn about things eating other things.

Me: Whut.

Terra: Yeah, it's really weird.

Me: That would be too hard. What else do you got?

So basically we brainstormed and the result was an iguana, a prosthetic leg, and a bottle of lube. The colored version of this is also here.

The Return of Misfortune Guy

This guy just can't catch a break. Hey, didn't I say I wasn't going to comment on these? Damn it. Whatever.


This one caused a bit of controversy with my friends and so I wrote a huge paragraph about racial diversity at UT. Unfortunately, the internet ate it, and it took my desire to explain any of the comics for the last two weeks. I'm just going to update them anyway, because I'm fairly certain these don't get looked at much.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here is the version that was published in the paper......and here is the fully colored wallpaper dealibob I promised. Look at that. Absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A note about the rapid fires

This one was in response to all of the rapid fires in the Texan that bitch about the comics page. I mean, come on, we're getting paid but we're barely being paid to make an effort. It's the best we can do. If you hate the comics page so much, why not just draw one yourself? Jeez.

Also, that is one awesome-looking giraffe. Look at that shit. That's classy.