Monday, June 29, 2009

Casual Encounters

Inspired by various goings-on in the Woo, I wanted to make a comic about Craigslist. "In my backyard naked" and "Wheres ugly women at?" are real ads that I saw. The rest were far too explicit to lift.

This was my first comic of the summer session. It's nice, getting back into the swing of things.

End of the Semester Haikus

lol shading.


I am so ashamed of this guy.

Very Small Comic

This comic is pretty much glorified filler, but it was made to express my terror and hatred of Belton, Texas.

I got this firing line in response. Paul Boston, you show me that other Taco Bell, because I do not believe it exists.

A Most Nefarious Plot

People are petty, that woman looks pregnant, and I'm not good at drawing arrows. That is what I've learned from this.

Leif Erikson Day

You know, even though I didn't spend a lot of time on this one, I'm really, really proud of it. Especially that helmet. Oh yes.

Student Government Editorial Comic

This was a tie-in for the editorial page about the student government scandal from last semester. This is pretty much how things went down. I remember being alarmed by the scandalous phone calls, then enraged at the scandal, then totally apathetic because I realized what a small impact the whole thing actually had on my life.

Also maybe I should stop making sorority girls the butt of all my jokes.

I tried looking up the scandal's article on the Daily Texan's website but it's pretty tough to find anything but pictures of Keshav. I even looked up "student government" and "zest." Oh well.

Another comics dump

Do you ever look back on things you've written in the past with humiliation and shame, thinking "Jesus Christ I was such a little twerp"?

I am feeling a bit of that reading some of the things I wrote for this blog. Anyway, I guess I'm going to take a bit of time posting old stuff and commenting on it.

This is a comic I drew for Ros, my boss at Einstein's. She's about 5'0" even.

God damn, I lose the nerve to talk about these once I post them.