Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reunion in Aisle Four

I really hated how this comic got the shaft, as far as the Texan comics page goes. It was really massive and it took me a long time to photoshop though, so I'm glad that Devins put it in at all. At least now people can actually read it.

This has happened to me once, but I refuse to give any more info on it because it would be unprofessional and mean. I think that once you get into college you should drop those high school grudges but damn it is hard. Also the "totalllly hang ouuut" girl is not based on an exact person's appearance. It is just some random chick. Do not hate me.

I have a sketch about the more frequent things that happen to me relating to high school, but this one is more of a universal truth. Not everyone morphed from a loserly weeaboo to a slightly less loserly comic book fan.

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